fredag 13 november 2009


The Guardian har intervjuat David Kilcullen angående Obamas beslutsprocess; eller kanske snarare obeslutsamhetsprocess. Det här citatet sammanfattar hans ståndpunkt:
He noted that Obama, in a speech to troops in Jacksonville, Florida, a fortnight ago, had said he would never lightly put them in harm's way.

"That's not the situation we are in. As an analogy, you have a building on fire, and it's got a bunch of firemen inside. There are not enough firemen to put it out. You have to send in more or you have to leave. It is not appropriate to stand outside pontificating about not taking lightly the responsibility of sending firemen into harm's way. Either put in enough firemen to put the fire out or get out of the house. That is my analogy of where we are. Either of those approaches could potentially work."

He added: "If you have 40,000 troops it would be do-able. Anything less than 25,000 is throwing good money after bad."
Han presenterar även en ovanligt realistisk exit strategy:
"Our way out is to go to Karzai and say 'We are done here'. We will be leaving in two to five years. If you do not want to be left hanging from a lamppost, like Najibullah [the former Afghan president hanged in Kabul in 1996 when the Taliban took control], this is what you need to do. I think that would work," Kilcullen said.
Det lät nog ännu bättre med australiskt uttal.

Mer Kilcullen, den här gången i BBC:s The Forum.

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